about us

Superfoods. Super, foods. Foods that revitalize your body and mind. Foods that replenish the nutrients and minerals your body needs in order to thrive. We need superfoods. But guess what, superfoods need superfoods of their own. You see, superfoods aren’t just for people, plants themselves have their own cornucopia of nutrients vital to their growth. And, just like with people, the delivery method matters. Pizza may have tomato, but it’s certainly not a vegetable.

Enter Liferocks. What started as a way to grow plants in extreme conditions (and we mean outer-space extreme) has now been adapted into a consumer-grade way to make your plants feel as great as you do after a green smoothie. The technology is based in the substrate, the material in which the plants sets down roots. By using a self-modulating, ion-exchange substrate, nutrients are delivered more than ten times more efficiently than hardware store fertilizer.

In fact, we found that plants grown with Liferocks grew stronger and bloomed brighter in less time and with less maintenance. Seriously, it’s that good. And the best part? No agricultural runoff, no mineral leeching, no harm to the environment, no risk and worries about pets (or kids). Take that, algae blooms!

Your garden, no matter if it’s a mint plant on a windowsill (for mojito night!) or a culinary vegetable wonderland, will grow faster and more vibrantly than you could’ve imagined possible. Green thumb not required.