revolutionizing plant growth

liferocks takes plant care off your hands, and gives your plant the perfect combination of nutrients to help your plant grow, delivering 10x more efficiently than hardware store fertilizers.

Ditch fertilizer for the next 5 years

Plants grow stronger and 2x faster

Earth Friendly

Kid-safe & pet-safe solution

Out of This World Plant Care

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What People are Saying

I love liferocks, it changed my life! Seriously it makes plant care so easy, fun and affordable!

Jane D

This really works! One pack is enough for all my house plants, and it lasts for months. Now I simply water my plants and watch them grow.

Steve Howard

liferocks keeps my plant alive with no problem at all! I just put it in and watch my plants thrive.

Garrison W

I love liferocks! I never have to worry about my plant dying, because liferocks keeps it alive with no problem at all!

Garrison Whitaker

liferocks changed my life.

Lexi Mireles
liferocks nutrient absorption for plants